Rohan Jaguste Design

Industrial and interaction design, human factors, design engineering and new product development, technology transfer, patents and intellectual property, and bootstrapping startups. Located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Design and Engineering for Refugee Housing Unit Project
Client – IKEA Foundation and United Nations (UNHCR)

The Refugee Housing Unit (RHU) project has developed a flat-packed, semi-permanent shelter for displaced peoples around the world. From 2012–2015, I was part of the core design and engineering team, contributing to the development of the solar powered lamp and charger, the polymer membranes and duckbills, and their technical specifications and patent documents. I am responsible for the project’s Product Data Management system.

The shelter is now in production, with several units deployed in Ethiopia, Iraq and Nepal. For more information visit

Keywords Industrial design; design for manufacturing and assembly; product lifecycle management; product data management

Software Siemens NX, SolidWorks, SolidWorks PDM

Visualisation for Refugee Housing Unit Project
Client – IKEA Foundation and United Nations (UNHCR)

Animated film and product renders describing the Refugee Housing Unit project. The 3 minute ‘silent’ animated film shows the deployment and installation of the shelters, and presents them in a context of a massive community. The camp layout was worked out with inputs from UNHCR field personnel. I also contributed to the design of the packaging, manuals and promotional graphics for the project’s website.

Keywords Visualisation, information graphics, motion graphics

Software Rhinoceros, Keyshot, AfterEffects, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign

Cooking Stove
Master thesis – Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design

Design for dignity was one of the central themes of my thesis: Dream Space. The project explored alternative solutions for improving the quality of life in underprivileged regions of the world. One of the three products that came out of the project was a cooking stove using alternative fuels such as beeswax. The philosophy behind its design was that the product should be universally acceptable — a cooking stove for people in underprivileged regions as well as a portable camping stove for travellers. As part of my research, I backpacked across southern Ethiopia. The project report is available here.

Keywords Design research; ethnography; product design; design for local manufacturing, design for assembly and disassembly;

Software Siemens NX, Rhinoceros, Keyshot, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign

High Fidelity Sound Monitoring System
Client – Keyofd Aktiebolag

The High Fidelity Loudspeaker project started out as a hobby project at home in early 2014. But through an agile new product development (NPD) process, it has led to a range of products, and a new business in under one year. This process follows the Skunk Works approach of making the most of whatever resources that are available to me, for transforming an idea into a physical working prototype, and thus evaluate its functionality, usability, durability and ultimately its value for the users. The product will be launched in early 2016.

Keywords New product development; loudspeaker design; acoustics; design for assembly and disassembly; design for local manufacturing; prototyping; patent writing; identity design; web development; supply chain and project management

Software Siemens NX, Rhinoceros, ERPNext, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Fritzing, Qucs, Coda: PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Eyewear for Sports
School project – Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design

Using ergonomics, anthropometry and percentile statistics for creating design concepts of sports eyewear. I always ground my design concepts in a solid foundation of human factors and ergonomics. That way I save resources and time further in the design, engineering and prototyping phases without having to compromise on the original aesthetics and form. Concepts are evaluated against optimal fit, comfort of use and durability, as well as aesthetics.

Keywords Human factors and ergonomics; product design; sportswear

Software Rhinoceros, SketchBook Pro, Keyshot

Design Engineering of Piccolo
Client – John Astbury

Piccolo is a small lamp by my former classmate and good friend, John Astbury. I helped with the design of internal components and electronics for the prototype which was part of his collection that he presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2015. You can read more about the lamp here.

Keywords Design engineering; prototyping

Software Siemens NX

Human Machine Interfaces for Cockpits
Self initiated project

Aircraft cockpits have evolved over a hundred years of aviation. Cockpits today have the DNA of the cockpits from the early twentieth century. As people and machines have become more and more interdependent, the communication between them has grown ever so complex. By using simple cognitive models and alternative prototyping strategies, this communication needs to be optimised. The Human Machine Interfaces for Cockpits project explores how this can be achieved.

As part of prototyping for research, I have programmed a plugin that allows for the design and evaluation of new and alternative interfaces for displaying flight information using realtime data from a flight simulation software. The project is being built inside out — the communication between the pilot and the aircraft is driving how the interfaces, the cockpit and the aircraft itself are constructed. The project is also laying a foundation for typefaces designed for situational awareness.

Keywords Human factors and ergonomics (for aviation); cognitive analysis; information graphics; typography;

Software Processing, X-Plane, Illustrator, Glyphs, Siemens NX

Typography Experiments
Hobby project

Heritage was created while learning about typeface design. The glyphs are inspired by typewriters, and they have a slight bleed which gives them the ‘heritage’ effect that I like.

Keywords Typography; information graphics

Software Illustrator, Glyphs

Design for Print
Various clients

Papers, posters and reports presented at technical and scientific conferences usually take a mundane form. Their content is hard to grasp and the aesthetics are brutal to the eyes. Through academic projects that I have been part of, I have had the opportunity to design visual material for several clients. The one shown here is a report of the Cooperation of Humans and Robots for Mars project.

Keywords Graphic design

Software Illustrator, InDesign

Various clients

Not every thing needs a logo, but everybody does seem to want one these days. I have designed quite a few over the years.

Keywords Graphic design

Software Illustrator, Photoshop

Web Design
Client – Umeå Institute of Design

Website for showcasing degree projects, in collaboration with Camille Moussette. I was responsible for the design and template programming, and Camille ported the backend with CakePHP.

Keywords Web design

Software Coda: PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Star Map
Hobby project

A star map with many secrets.

Keywords Graphic design

Software Illustrator, Rhinoceros, Stellarium

Posters, Brochures and Banners for a Conference
Client – Kungliga Konsthögskolan

Commoning the City (2013) was a conference organised by the urban planning and architecture research team at Kungliga Konsthögskolan (Royal Institute of Art). I was one of the team members and took up the task of designing the visual identity for the conference.

Keywords Graphic design

Software Illustrator, InDesign

Web Development
Client – Reload Design

Website for an industrial design firm, in collaboration with Ehrenstråhle & Wågnert. Ehrenstråhle & Wågnert contributed with the identity and I programmed the website.

Keywords Web programming

Software Coda: PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Timekeeping Devices
Client – Reload Design

Exploring quirky concepts of ordinary consumer products for appealing to the rather unusual sides to our personalities. Vanity products are ideal for such experiments: they can not only add ‘Easter eggs’ within the product, but also create a cult following for the brand within the market. Here I was toying with the idea of ‘counting down’ time.

Keywords Product design; visualisation

Software SketchBook Pro

Human Space Exploration
Academic projects

I have been part of two projects connected to human space exploration and transfer of space technology for use here on earth. My contributions have ranged from industrial design, human factors and interface design to technology screening and specifications development.

Keywords Industrial design; human factors; technology transfer

Structural Optimisation using Genetic Algorithms
Bachelor thesis – University of Mumbai and Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Bombay

Genetic Algorithms are routines modelled on the principles of Darwin’s theory of evolution. My bachelor thesis project evaluated the feasibility of using genetic algorithms in the ‘evolutionary’, and thus automated design of mechanical structures. The application was programmed in MatLab and C++.

Keywords Evolutionary design; genetic algorithms

Software MatLab, Visual Studio, C++

Field Research
Various projects

Field research is paramount to my design process. When carrying out field research, I work undercover: I do not disclose my profession or mission. This ensures that the observations and personal interactions I make are unbiased and unambiguous leading to qualitative insights. The photograph here is from my journey across Ethiopia as a backpacker during my thesis project, for uncovering insights on how people there live.

Keywords Design research; ethnography; contextual studies

Media Player
School project – Umeå Institute of Design

Back when almost everything was wired (2007), I had envisioned a media player with a minimal interface to which one could connect via Wi-Fi® or Bluetooth®. Not only that, it had a unique loudspeaker arrangement which would have guaranteed high fidelity reproduction of sound. A variation of this technique is now the innovation behind the High Fidelity Loudspeaker project.

Keywords Product design; acoustics

Software Rhinoceros

School project – Umeå Institute of Design

A walking aid for the recuperating and the infirm.

Keywords Product design; human factors and ergonomics

Software Rhinoceros, Hypershot

PAN IIT Rolling Trophy
Client – PAN IIT Organisation and IIT Bombay

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) had seven campuses back in 2007. The PAN IIT Organisation wanted a trophy which can be awarded to the best performing campus annually. I designed a trophy which had seven spheres that represented the seven campuses. When superimposed on the map of India, they aligned with the respective campus’ location. All but one sphere was gold plated: the one that represented the winning campus, and it could be screwed on to any location as desired. In this way the trophy could symbolise the winning campus every year. This was my first product design project and the trophy is still in use.

Keywords Product design

Software Rhinoceros, 3DS Max

Phantom Charger
School project – Umeå Institute of Design

A photovoltaic powered trickle charging device for electronic devices. The design was picked up by several blogs back in 2008.

Keywords Product design

Software Rhinoceros, Maya

Multi-input Games for Learning at Schools in Rural India
Client – Microsoft Research India and Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay

Multi-user and multi-input learning were the keywords for a Microsoft Research project. I worked with the Microsoft Research team to study and evaluate the potential of multi-input systems for use in educational and school environments in resource poor regions of India. Learning goes beyond providing school children with computers, and adding inputs does not necessarily add to the learning outcomes attained.

Keywords Interaction design; contextual studies; education

Software Flash: ActionScript, Illustrator